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Green groups sue USFWS over killing nursing pups and red wolf recovery program - 

Three animal rights groups sued USFWS demanding they resume the recently halted “Adaptive Management Plan”…  A taxpayer funded Genetic Genocide scheme that has secretly killed newborn nursing pups for the past 18 years.

A Citizens Science investigation discovered original documents showing the plan was actually co-written by two of the plaintiffs.    Why do Defenders of Wildlife, Animal Welfare Institute and the Red Wolf Coalition continue to pursue their lawsuit against USFWS demanding they resume Adaptive Management (pup eradication) of the Red Wolf? 

Is it to save a hybrid from a hybrid?  Seems so, as that's exactly what the facts suggest...

A review of the official Red Wolf Studbook and various other records revealed in excess of 1000 canids were purposely bred and in some instances shortly thereafter prescribed a purposeful dose of life ending euthanasia.  Pups that were naturally born in the wild during welping season did not fair so well.  Reports by USFWS staff indication SOP for field staff was a swift blow to the pups head with a hammer and in some cases, pups were drowned by submerging their heads in a five gallon bucket of water.

This is exactly what Adaptive Management is...  A plan drafted in 1999 by both Defenders and the Red Wolf Coalition among others, that's best described as "Genetic Genocide 2.0"... 

Today, three donation dependent not for profits continue to utilize the puppy killing plan as the nexus of a misguided lawsuit only intended to generate headlines and pilfer the unknowing public of their donation dollars...

Defenders own CEO #JamieClark, rakes in nearly $500,000.00 per year in compensation...  Funded in part by, killing nursing puppies... 

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Red Wolf Restoration Scandal
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Green Groups Sue USFWS over Killing Hundreds of Nursing Pupsred wolf pups red wolf endangered wolf facts